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Bolivian Friends Yearly Meetings

The Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) is religious group with core beliefs centered around: non-violence, working for peace and justice in the world, and the belief that "there is that of God in Everyone".

Mattie Blount, a missionary from the United States, along with her Bolivian husband Raymundo Marca helped Bolivian Pastor Francisco Doroteo Marca to establish the church "Union Boliviana Amigos in 1948.  On March 21, 1986 Iglesia Evangélica Unión Boliviana Amigos Yearly Meeting was officially founded.  

Iglesia Evangélica Unión Boliviana Amigos (IEUBA)

The Quaker movement originated in England and later migrated to the United States. Quaker missionaries from the United States began traveling to South America, and particularly Bolivia, with an eagerness to spread the Gospel and the Quaker testimony.  Iglesia Evangélica Misión Boliviana de Santidad Amigos yearly meeting began taking shape in 1919 and was officially established as a monthly meeting in Sorata, La Paz, Bolivia on August 18, 1924.  This yearly meeting maintains a programmed, evangelical and conservative doctrine in order to preserve the truth.      

Current statistics:

  • 59 Monthly meetings throughout different Departments of Bolivia

  • 17 Quarterly meetings throughout various regions of the country

  • 5 Sub-yearly meetings 

Iglesia Evangélica Mision Boliviana de Santidad Amigos (IEMIBSA)

Similarly to Iglesia Evangélica Unión Boliviana Amigos Yearly Meeting, Iglesia Evangélica Estrella de Belen Yearly Meeting was started by the American missionary Maddie Blount. 

For many years, Los Amigos Central yearly meeting was under the care of Friends missionaries mainly from Union Bible Seminary in Indiana, USA.  In 1971, during the Coripata yearly gathering, it became autonomously managed by Bolivian Friends.  

Junta Anual de los Amigos Central (JALAC)

The work of the Friends arrived with Guillermo Abel in the year of 1919.  Abel, a street vendor of Bibles, preached the gospel in the city of La Paz, Bolivia.  Juan Ayllon was one of his first converts who decided to study the Bible, and he went to a Friends Biblical Institute in Guatemala.  After graduating as a pastor, he returned to La Paz in 1924 and immediately began working to establish the Iglesia Nacional Evangélica Los Amigos in La Paz.  As of today this yearly meeting has more than 192 churches in the country.    

Iglesia Nacional Evangélica "Los Amigos"
Iglesia Evangélica Estrella de Belen (IEEB)
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