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Volunteer Opportunities

What is life like for our volunteers?


Our international volunteers are able to enjoy on site housing right here at the Friends International Bilingual Center.  

Meals shared with the community at the Center are

included for volunteers.  

There are many opportunities for volunteers to contribute here at the center, and outside of it.  Some examples of volunteer work possibilities outside of the center include: helping out at various Friends schools (often teaching English), at Friends churches, or with a variety of Bolivian Quaker Organizations.   

Lodging for International Quaker visitors


We offer lodging for Friends visiting from outside of the country.  As an alternative to staying in a hotel, we provide not only a bed, but an opportunity to get to know the Bolivian Quaker community and more about the country from locals.


Our guests are also invited to share meals with the Center community.  


For more information contact us at:

Volunteers from the Center share their experiences

“It was a wonderful experience to be able to share Silent Meditation workshops here at the Friends International Bilingual Center and at the Friends Church in La Paz.  It was truly special to be able to work with such an inter-generationally varied group all participating together. "

— Marjorie Issacs from Ohio, USA.

"Friends International Bilingual Center provides more than just an opportunity to volunteer, it provides an opportunity to become a part of a family and to experience the richness of Bolivia and the Bolivian Quaker community alongside inspiring idividuals who are part of it.  I have volunteered with many organizations, and felt by far the most appreciated and valued during my time with Friends International Bilingual Center.  Emma and the rest of the Center staff are dynamic and committed in their work of creating an authentic Friends center, and they have done a wonderful job!  When you walk into Friends International Bilingual Center, you are really walking into a second home."  

— Iris Hoffman from California, USA.

Volunteer & Visitor Testimonies

Visitors share their experiences:

“I enjoyed visiting and staying at the Center as well as getting to know the city of La Paz.  I love Bolivian culture!"


Ludwig Quirog from Malacia, Philipines.

Bolivian Volunteers:

Bolivian Friends from the six Quaker yearly meetings are invited to participate in and help with the programs at the Center. 


Our doors are also open to non-Quaker volunteers committed to supporting the improvement of education in Bolivia.   


There are volunteer opportunities that work with all spectrums of availability.  (From regular in-center support to online assistance to representing the Center in the community)


For more information please communicate with us through email.

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